Homemade Baby Food


My little sugar cookie is getting to the point where she does not need all of her food pureed; however, I do still like to puree her some fruit because I love to mix it with bananas or oatmeal, and it is good for on-the-go.  It is also pretty and it makes me feel productive, but mainly just the healthy part — okay, mainly just the pretty part.

Making baby food is so simple and very cost effective.  There are lots of ways to stick a lot of nutrition into your baby’s belly, but this time around I was just making some fruit.  Just wash the fruit, cut it into pieces, and stick it into a really cool orange blender that you got from a garage sale for five dollars.  I have these handy freezer trays for the food, but there are lots of alternatives for food storage.  This time around I used about 5 peaches and 2 quarts of strawberries.  I usually stick one tray in the freezer and one in the fridge.


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