Daddy’s Day


For all of you who have been born, you were probably aware that we just celebrated father’s day a few weeks ago.  This was a particularly sweet father’s day for my family because it was Greg’s first! Cora and I had so much fun making preparations.  I cut lots of paper, and she ate lots of paper. We have great team work.

I made this banner from scrap booking paper, stenciling, and oil stenciling paint (which is amazing), all from none other than Hobby Lobby. No instructions are really necessary. I set out with a ruler in hand to make lots of perfect triangles, but Cora had so much fun chewing on it that I decided that I am just not a perfect triangle kind of girl. But for my “type A” friends out there, you will want to take the ruler away from your baby and use it like a normal person.

When thinking of writing “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” verse “HAPPY DADDY’S DAY” I decided to go with Daddy. My husband is a father, a really good father. But he is more than that. There are a lot of men out there who get to be “fathers,” but not as many who get to be “Daddys.” Being a Daddy takes work. It means that you are intentional. It means you love, and sacrifice, and learn, and care, and kiss tears, and hunt for “bunny blanket,” and snuggle.

Being a Daddy means that you squish into a little pig so that your girl can ride her first ride.

Being a Daddy means that sometimes your arms are better than a stroller even when you have a long walk back to the car.

It was a good day. Amen.


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