Pleasing People Pepper Poppers


I’m not sure what it is about humans that makes us all want to please people.  Sometimes we go to crazy lengths to please, like what schools we go to, what jobs we try for, and whether we use “yall” or “youzgusinzs.” ( I don’t know if anyone uses the last one, but I would be please if someone said that to me.) Sometimes we try to please with how we dress, and sometimes we give up trying to please people and move on to trying to please foofy little dogs.   I just feel bad for people who try so hard to please people, because all you all you have to do is make these peppers.  Forget about the clothes, the jobs, and the dogs.  I’m telling you, you could be one mean little lady, but if you make these peppers, people will think you have some straight up Mary Poppins action going on.  They will all say “Poppins pleasing people pepper poppers.” Well probably not.  I digress.

It all started one day when I went outside to my garden and saw this: (If you can’t tell, “this” is a huge pepper plant)

And all I could think about is how I wanted to stuff those little guys with cream cheese, wrap them in bacon, smother them in bbq sauce, and sizzle them in the oven.  You may think it odd that that was my first thought, however, in general when I see a food I try to decide whether or not I can put cream cheese in it and wrap it in bacon.

To accomplish these poppins pleasing people pepper poppers all you need is:
Banana peppers, or jalapeno peppers
A block of cream cheese cut into strips
Bacon cut in half (or thirds if you like)
Your favorite bbq sauce

Wash and seed your peppers.  When I made this with jalapeno peppers I cut the peppers in half, but I left them whole with the banana peppers. Stuff each pepper with cream cheese, wrap tightly with half a piece of bacon, and secure with a tooth pick.  Place peppers on a pan (I highly suggest using some foil for easy clean up) and cook for about 40min on 325.  About ten minutes before they are done, brush on the bbq sauce.  I like my bacon crispy, so I turned my oven on a bit higher at the end.  Everyone will want to eat about 10, so make plenty!

I so wanted to take a picture of the finished product, but people will no longer be pleased with you if you make them stop eating the yummyness so that you can take a picture of their food.

Warning: This is people pleasing only.  Not recommended as foofy dog pleasing.


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