Cora Turns One!


I just had the best year of my life. It is funny to be able to say that with full assurance that it is true. This year brought deeper friendship with my love, a perfect little house, and most importantly my little sugar cookie, Cora. And what a sweet delight she is! Cora has this just amazing sense of humor that leaves Greg and I laughing until our stomachs hurt. She is kind and sweet and curious and smart. She can walk like a little zombie and crawl like a little race car. Needless to say, it was to our joy to have a party celebrating this precious little life.   We are so grateful to have had so many of our friends and family there to celebrate with us.  Even though Cora will not remember this day, we will!  And we will love to show her pictures of all the people who were there to love on her, offer support, rejoice in milestones, cuddle when sick, and give mom and dad date nights.  There will be more pictures to come, as well as a “year one” recap, but here is just a small glimpse of the party and the birthday girl!


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