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Barn Wood is my Friend


Last year for my birthday my husband gave me a bunch of really interesting pieces of barn wood that came from a barn dated back to the Civil War.  I love history, wood, and barns, so pretty much a score there.  One piece that I loved was this big beam.  It is solid, heavy, and has so much character.  We think it will make a lovely mantel someday, but for now we came up with this idea.  A bench to fit along a wall in our living room.  I love simplistic, and I love industrial/rustic, so we choose to simply secure it to cinder blocks.  The end result just makes me so happy!  PS. don’t worry, it is carefully and cleverly secured so no babies or dogs could knock it over 🙂


Thread Sketch


I really love to make things.  From food to gardens to art to babies.  Making something brings a lot of satisfaction.  I love crafts of all kinds for this reason.  Sewing, however, is just not something that I find much pleasure in.  Even though I do not like it much I still sew because it opens up a world of endless possibilities of making beautiful things and saving lots of money.  But up to this point in life I have not found sewing very fun because you really have to be a perfectionist.  Which I am not.  At all.  Not even a little.  So this little project was just perfect for me.  And really really supper fun (see I just misspelled super and don’t even have enough perfectionist in me to go back and change it. Sigh.)  My sweet Mama introduced me to thread sketching this week while I was visiting with the wee one. Take a look.

We wanted to make sets of napkins for gifts.  So first we measured, cut, and hemmed napkins from a rather heavy weight muslin.

You can cut the fabric, but we preferred to rip it so that we had a perfect square. They were about 22 inch squares.

Next we sketched with a water soluble pen what we wanted on our napkins.  Pears!  Aww!

Next, get your heart melted and be completely distracted by a ridiculously cute baby

Next, circle around your shape about 3 times.  You can use different settings and stitches on your machine.  The fun part is that you are not supposed to stay in the lines, and messing up usually makes it look even better.

Lastly, iron the napkins to make them extra pretty and then feel happy and productive and creative.